LifeWave Review

LifeWave Review – X39™ Patches – [Read Before Joining]

Looking into LifeWave? Check out my unbiased review of the X39 and the LifeWave opportunity!

As health products flood the market, it can be difficult to know which products are the best. Lifewave X39 is a great product that provides many health benefits. Lifewave X39 also provides an excellent opportunity to build wealth through network marketing.

So, is the product worth it?

Can I be successful at building wealth by selling this product? Those are all questions that are fair to ask. As I spent a lot of time researching the company and the products they offer, I discovered a company that is worth the investment as the company stands behind its revolutionary products. The products found here are one-of-a-kind.

I believe this company will soon become a household name.

Who is LifeWave?

The company began in 2004. The company’s goal is to provide wellness products that help consumers to realize their best lives. They develop patented products that help with energy, stamina, acuity, sleep, stress relief, skin appearance, and wound care.

Because the company believes in their products, they allow consumers to become distributors. This business opportunity gives members a chance to change their lives financially. They seek members who want to help others feel better, look better, and find more happiness in life.

This company is not just about making money in any way possible. They want to create the best products they can and build wealth by gaining repeat business and new customers interested in gaining and maintaining wellness benefits.

The company, from everything I have read, is big on integrity. As a person active in his community, that is important to me. I don’t want to hang my head in shame as I pass by the people I sell this product to. So, if I choose to get involved, I know that I will be proud of the products I sell, just as the company is proud of the products they sell and the distributors who promote their products.

What Makes LifeWave’s Products Unique?

First of all, Lifewave owns a number of patents. The latest patent was received in 2020 on their patch that activates stem cells. They describe their X39 patch as wearable phototherapy.

A list of their patents is found on their website. I urge you to take the time to read the lengthy descriptions of their product patents. I believe this knowledge will be very helpful should you choose to get involved in the business end of the company.

Secondly, Lifewave works with universities and medical facilities to research their products’ effectiveness. This isn’t a mad scientist in a random warehouse situation. This is a technology that has been perfected and reviewed by the best minds in the medical and educational fields. Quality research has been done on these products.

Thirdly, many research reports about the effectiveness of the products are published on the company’s website. Both members and those wishing to use the products have access to these documents. The company is very transparent in allowing the public to view these documents. They want you to believe in their products as much as they do.

The company is sure to note that their “patches are based on the theory of phototherapy and not proven based on conventional medical standards and should not be used in place of medical care.” They do not want you to avoid the doctor’s office or the medical treatments you need. They want these products to be a part of the regiment that brings you to a place of well-being and happiness.

These products are not the end-all for your health and wellness needs. They are a great place to start, with many life-changing benefits attached to their use.

What Types of Products Does LifeWave Sell?

The company sells products in two basic forms. The most common products are available in patch form. Some of the skin renewal items come in creme form. The patches come in sleeves of 30.

A Deeper Look at X39 Patches

X39 provides several technologies to benefit the body. The company claims to activate stem cells. The X39 supports the relief of pain in the body. The stem cell patches also aid in energy production and better sleeping habits. X39 also helps with the process of healing wounds.

The technology behind the patches involves the elevation of the peptide GHK-Cu. If you are like me, you have no idea what that means. But after doing a little research, I learned that this important peptide declines as the body ages, dropping by over 60% after the age of 60. The older I get, I feel the changes in my body.

Studies have shown that GHK-Cu resets the body’s genes to a younger state. Other studies have shown the ability to improve the speed of the wound healing process by 90 percent in flatworms. Who doesn’t want to feel younger?

There are companies that put younger donor stem cells into older patients. These X39 patches are different. They help the body create its own. This is likely a safer alternative to the costly and potentially dangerous cell stem transplants that occur.

X39 patches also promise to improve skin appearance. For instance, the company claims the possibility of fewer wrinkles and anti-aging. The patches can also help in the reduction in the appearance of scars. No matter how hard we try to ignore bodily imperfections, most of us want to have better skin. These products are worth a try in my opinion.

Athletes can benefit from faster recovery from sports and exercise. As a father of athletes, this caught my attention immediately. I plan to do much more research on this benefit. My athletes have a lot of sore muscles and sometimes difficult recovery times.

The possible benefits of these stem cell patches seem to be endless. This promising technology is exciting to say the least. Just reading through the list of currently known benefits is mind-blowing.

It is important to remember to select the LifeWave patches that are specifically for your needs. There are several purchase options. Be sure to read each description so you know which item to choose.

What about the Cremes?

There are two popular cremes available to consumers.

The Alavida Nightly Restore Facial Creme is a two-in-one product. It both moisturizes and promotes anti-aging. The product is to be used at nighttime just before bed. The product contains nutrients known to “nourish and replenish skin” according to the company’s website. This particle product comes in a 1.7 ounce (50 milliliter) bottle.

LifeWave also offers Alavida Refresh Facial Nectar. This product is also a two-in-one moisturizer and anti-aging product. This product is used during the daytime. The goal of this product is to protect your skin during your daily activities. This bottle is smaller, coming in a one ounce (30 milliliter) container.

It is possible to get a the Alavida Regenerating Trio Package package which contains both the Alavida Nightly Restore Facial Creme, the Alavida Refresh Facial Nectar, and 2 packs of the Alavida patches. Each pack contains 30 patches. This is a tremendous deal for consumers.

What are Customers Saying?

I will admit that I was skeptical about the claims made by this company. The old saying about being too good to be true does not fit these products. New technologies bring new products. Someone using an old analog telephone would view the latest smartphone as something too good to be true. As technology evolves, so do products created with those technologies. These are those types of products.

A simple online search will reveal tons of positive reviews. In fact, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. One consumer reported relief from years of pain and tape due to tendinitis.

Another consumer used several of the products for nine months and glowingly approved of the products.

In fact, almost 75 percent of reviewers gave the products excellent ratings. Of the negative reviews, most had to do with price. However, life-altering products developed with the newest technologies does not come cheap. The prices are fair. I can not put a price on the cost of my health and well-being. Therefore, the price is a necessity in order to feel better. As I consider all the over-the-counter creams, diet supplements, and pain medications I buy every month, it became apparent that I would save money in the long run.

It literally pays to give these products a try. What other product claims to active stem cells within my own body? This product is worth the cost.

How Do I Purchase X39™ & The LifeWave Products?

LifeWave has a tremendous website. The website makes ordering products easy. Simply search for the products, add them to the cart, and pay with a quick checkout process. No running to the pharmacy or big-box store. The products can be ordered from the comfort of your home.

What Do Critics Think About LifeWave?

LifeWave has won several awards. In 2015, the company was honored with the DSA Ethos Award for Product Innovation. This award is given yearly to companies that create products that drive industry. The company won against some of the biggest names in network marketing.

Another awesome thing I learned was that the founder and CEO, Dave Schmidt, received an award from the Military Order of the Purple Heart. He was chosen to receive the award in its inaugural year.

The company was also honored by a veteran’s group because of the environment of goodwill and camaraderie among wounded veterans.

California Miramar University honored LifeWave with its “Small Business Spotlight Award.” LifeWave was chosen because they have a global presence in over 100 countries. The university was impressed with the business model as well.

The company was also ranked 721 out of the 5000 fastest growing private companies in 2011.

In 2010, Inc. Magazine recognized them as 1435 out of the 5000 fastest growing companies.

The company is growing exponentially.

The company was also awarded several international awards.

With all the awards and honors received from reputable organizations, it is no wonder why so many people have sought to become a part of the business.

How Do I Join LifeWave?

This is where I became the most excited about the possibilities offered by this company. How often do I get an opportunity to become a part of a life-changing organization like LifeWave?

The organization truly offers unique opportunities to build wealth. Of course, there are no guarantees. Like everything else in life, hard work and some level of business sense will go a long way in seeing a successful outcome.

Simply put, I can make money by doing what I am already doing, bragging about the goodness of the products offered by this company. I just have to tell the story of life-changing products that are unique and patented. I get to tell the story of how others will be feel better and have a more hopeful outlook on life. Better yet, I can show them how we can all become more financially secure through these products.

Depending on my level of interest, I can earn a little extra spending money or I could even start an entirely new career. At this point in my examination of the products, I do not yet know my own personal level of commitment. I have other successful ventures that take up a lot of my time. However, I do realize the potential found in this organization is greater than any of the other ventures I have. The potential compensation plan is life-changing to say the least. So, I suspect that I will attempt to take a big role in getting this product in to more hands.

The first step I would need to take would be becoming a distributor. As a LifeWave distributor, I would be marketing the products I have come to believe into others who can benefit from their use.

The company does not leave lifewave distributors on their own. They have lots of ways they can help me be successful if I choose to go this route. Having a strong support system in place is such as useful tool.

The level of support they offer is second to none. They offer customer service, order fulfillment, training videos, webinars, and an online back office. Perhaps, the best part is I would be given a sponsor who would walk me through every step of the process. My sponsor would be someone who has achieved proven success as a distributor. The company wants its distributors to succeed and prosper in their ventures.

What Kind of Money are We Talking About?

Again, there are no guarantees made by the company. If a person does not work the plan, there will be no success. It is like all other types of wealth building. This program is not for the lazy or the unorganized. A person must be driven to succeed. Distributors must work the business. They must be willing to put the word out and talk to people. Making contacts is a key element to this whole thing.

The company is very upfront about their compensation plan structure. In fact, the plan is right on the website for all to see.

They list the weekly binary commissions maximum payouts. As the distributor works up the ladder, the potential compensation grows. For instance, a manager has the potential to make up to $1,500 weekly in commissions. A senior director can make more than double that. When one reaches the top of the ladder as a senior presidential director, the possible commissions grow to an unbelievable $25,000.

Again, that is per week.

Amazing money provides for amazing lifestyles. There is no guarantee, but the potential is real.

Obviously, it takes a while to work up the career ladder. The amount of work and success to work up to the top spot is laid out on the compensation plan. There is no guessing game.

The company also offers lots of matching performance bonuses.

Once I decide to become a part of the organization, I would purchase an enrollment kit. Depending on my investment, I would be given a title. This title allows me to earn a certain amount of money depending on how many lifewave distributors I enroll. If I purchase the diamond enrollment kit, I can earn product introduction bonuses at the highest level for the first 14 weeks. After that, my bonuses would depend on my enrollment title at that point or my highest paid-as rank.

How is LifeWave Different from Other Multi-Level Marketing Programs?

First of all, there are tons of MLM programs out there. Some MLM programs have been very successful and have stood the test of time. Others failed. Regardless of their success or failure, none of the others have the patented technology developed by LifeWave.

There is also no other place to find the X39 patches.

There is nowhere else to purchase products that stimulate your own body’s stem cells. Stem cell patches will likely become the next big rage. Where will people get LifeWave patches? Hopefully from you. When people take the time to listen to the benefits of these products, the products sell themselves.

Not everyone will listen. That is okay. Not everyone will choose to become a lifewave distributor. That is okay, too. But some will. In fact, many likely will. So, this is not some fly-by-night multi-level marketing scheme. It is a well-thought-out business model that succeeds when distributors work the plan and work hard.

Overall, this appears to be a reputable, trustworthy path to success selling products that can make people’s lives better.