Review of Pruvit

Pruvit – An Unbiased Review – (READ THIS BEFORE JOINING)

As an avid supporter of diet supplements, I am constantly looking for the best products. I noticed an advertisement that said Pruvit would lead the “Ketones revolution.” This statement left with a variety of questions about Pruvit Weight Loss supplements and how they work. These questions lead me to complete extensive research to determine if Pruvit was worth the time. I also had questions about the Pruvit Compensation Plan. Before giving a final verdict about either the products or compensation plan, I need to share some critical information about how I can to it.

Overview of the Pruvit Company

While researching for this Pruvit review, I found that the company is located in Melissa, Texas and is relatively young. The company opened its doors in January of 2016. Pruvit Ventures LLC was created by Brian Underwood, Chris Harding, and Terry Lacore. This partnership first started in 2012 when Underwood and Lacore worked together to start Zagify, Inc.

Lacore was also involved with over a dozen other ventures located in Texas. Bhip Global, Inc, American Mortgage Protection LLC, and Tic Energy Group LC are three examples of Lacore’s different ventures.

Bhip Global, Inc created Purple + and other wellness drinks. Lacore shared his experience associated with Purple + with the other men, and they quickly nailed down a working formula for the Pruvit powdered beverages.

The trio then took this recipe and capitalized on the trend associated with energy drinks and MLMs.

While this capitalization is awesome, some people may be concerned that Lacore, Underwood, and Harding had a dedication to the business but lacked a passion for a particular product.

They work with mortgages and energy drinks, and this division may make some wonder if the three men are just looking for the product of the moment.

These people would be wrong. They are focused on creating a successful business. They are also aware we must have a successful product to have a successful business.

This fact is what motivates them to create one of the best products available on the market. The three men started out trying to create the consumer-based Ketones supplement drink. They did their job, and Pruvit Keto OS was born after focusing on products that utilized human potential.

This company alleges to be a pioneer in the Ketones market. Pruvit also has a great philosophy about making people better which is why the Pruvit Weight Loss supplement was created. They want to be an inspiration for other companies to participate in their community.

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These beliefs and ideas were all focused on creating a movement that would change the way people view human performance. This change would come about through amazing products.

Overview of the Pruvit Product

pruvit keto os product line

To have a complete Pruvit review, we must talk about the product and how it works. Pruvit Keto OS is called a ketone operating system.

This name implies it is an exogenous ketone supplement which builds the ketone levels in the blood. This process helps put an individual into ketosis in under an hour.

Health, nutrition, and human optimization conversations are changing because or Pruvit and KETO//OS. The original KETO//OS is an orange creamsicle flavored powder and is mixed with cold tap water.

Orange creamsicle was the only flavor available for a long time, and many customers thought that it was too sweet.

With this in mind, Pruvit has found unique ways to mix the powder to change the taste but not the benefits. I will discuss the variety of flavors and products after a brief discussion of the advantages.

It does not matter which mixture a person uses because the following benefits can still be enjoyed:

  • triggers collagen production
  • weight loss
  • focus and clarity improvement
  • skin looks younger
  • blood sugar normalized
  • sleep better
  • strengthens the hair and nails
  • helps repair damage to DNA cellular structure
  • suppression of the appetite
  • better cognitive performance
  • blood pressure and cholestereol lowered
  • amount of body fat reduced
  • reduced amount of migraines
  • energy level increase
  • reduces pain and inflammation in the joints

All of the Pruvit products including the Pruvit weight loss supplements have all of the above benefits. Pruvit now offers six fabulous products.

The first product is the KETO//Kreme which has been formulated to help the body change fat to energy. It also supports an increase in ketones.

The next product is KETO//OS Max which comes in Raspberry Lemonade, Swiss Cacao, and Maui Punch flavors. These three products are supported by a proprietary ketone energy technology which promotes cellular regeneration.

It also increases energy and longevity while delivering advanced macro nutrition. Pruvit says that the Max products are the most advanced version of their operating system.

The fifth product offered is KETO//OS 3.0 Chocolate Swirl. This product provides similar benefits to the KETO//OS Max. The last product is KETO//OS 2.1 which is the original Orange Dream flavor.

Each of the above products is dissolved into 12-16 ounces of cold water. They can be taken with or without food. Pruvit recommends at least one serving per day, but for the best results, we should take a serving in the morning and one in the evening.

Each product can be caffeine free or charged and are gluten-free. Now that I have explained the products, I want to discuss how they work.

How does Pruvit Keto OS work?

The natural metabolic state of our bodies is called ketosis. When our bodies revert to this natural state, we can burn excess fat to produce energy.

Typically, our bodies convert carbohydrates into glucose to produce energy. This process does not allow our bodies to process ketosis naturally.

When we want to lose weight, we can force our bodies into a ketosis state by following a carb-restricted diet known as the keto diet.

The supplement KETO//OS helps push our bodies into the ketosis state without any special dieting. Pruvit says that their drink allows our bodies to reach ketosis within one hour.

Now that the products and how they work has been explained, this Pruvit review will investigate how the Pruvit Compensation Plan works and how to get involved with the plan.

What is a Multi-Level Marketing Company?

The first step in understanding the Pruvit Compensation Plan is to have an understanding of multi-level marketing.

Multi-level marketing is referred to by a variety of names which include pyramid selling, referral marketing, and network marketing.

It is a strategy where people who do not get paid directly by the company create revenue for the enterprise. These people are called promoters, consultants, salespeople, distributors, or various other names.

These people sell the company’s products but receive compensation from a ‘pyramid’ type commission system. Each company decides how the compensation plan will compensate the members, but all MLM companies will pay participants from one of two potential revenue streams.

The first stream is the commission of sales is used to pay the participants directly. The second stream of revenue comes from a pyramid system where members are paid from the commissions on the sales from members below them.

These lower members are typically recruited by the higher level members to sell the company’s product. In the world of MLMs, these lower level members are called the higher member’s ‘downline’ distributors.

Both groups are required to sell the company’s products to end-user retail customers by using their already established relationships and word of mouth.

In this model of marketing, the participants typically do not make money and may lose it according to a variety of sources.

However, Pruvit is not like other MLM companies. Pruvit does not require participants to purchase or use the product. There is an annual membership fee, but no extra money is needed to get started with the business.

A person does not purchase a ‘starter kit’ with Pruvit. The promoter makes a commission and earns bonuses from using only the products he or she chooses to order personally.

This process makes it possible to run a Pruvit business without placing a single order. Promoters also can use and promote this business through the Pruvit website.

The Pruvit website does all the upselling for the promoter. Pruvit also handles all the shipping, handling, customer service, and returns associated with the products.

The promoter only has to take five simple steps to be involved in this amazing process.

What are the Five Simple Steps?

If an individual wants to be involved with Pruvit, he or she can utilize what the company refers to its five simple steps to success.

Step one is to create interest. Pruvit also calls this step ‘Show Better.’ In this step, the promoter is using third-party tools to generate interest in the product.

The promoter is showing the world what Pruvit is doing. The company encourages the use of videos, Ted Talk, research pages, and Google to get the message out to potential customers.

Once interest is created, the next step is to advance that interest. The company also calls this ‘Sample Better.’ This step is where the promoter shares the product with as many people as possible.

When a person can sample the product, it will always create or advance interest. This sampling can be just amongst friends and family, but it can also involve getting strangers and acquaintances to try the product.

The third step is validation. This step is also referred to as ‘Social Better’ by the company. The company wants the promoter to inspire the people who are interested.

This inspiration includes sending or directing them to the Pruvit HQ Facebook page. The company has a firm belief that community is a vital part of being a successful Pruvit promoter. They also believe that social validation is the heart of the process and the most important component.

After this validation process, the company wants the promoter to connect with the Pruver. This step is referred to as ‘Select Better.’ Pruvit encourages the use of three-way calls, events, or local meeting to connect.

The purpose of this step is to aid the Pruver in selecting his or her package. The Pruver will need assistance in choosing to be a promoter or just a customer.

The company wants the promoter to have others answer any questions and to engage the potential client. The goal is to ask the Pruver to get involved and to let them know anyone can be successful with the company.

The fifth and final step is to follow through or ‘See Better.’ In this step, the promoter is encouraged to grow his or her community by engaging and moving the new Pruver to action.

The promoter then encourages the Pruver to become a promoter and use these same five steps to Go Pro or Go MVP.

The most important part of this step is to ensure the Pruver is plugged into the Pruvit community. Pruvit fully expects the promoter to utilize the art of momentum to win. This winning comes from being a messenger and not being the message.

At first, these steps may seem easy to achieve but to establish a large enough community, an individual has to create a sincere and honest interest in people who will be willing to grow the community.

This requirement may be impossible for those who are shy or socially lacking. I would suggest to people who are not comfortable in social situations to pass on this opportunity.

What do I need to know about the Pruvit Compensation Plan?

Additional information about customers, promoters, qualifications to earn, pay periods, positions, volumes, and ranks is needed to take advantage of the above five steps.


Anyone can be a client of Pruvit by purchasing products. These customers can utilize the Free Product Program without becoming a promoter.

If a customer has a reoccurring order, he or she becomes a Smartship Customer. These consumers can take advantage of certain benefits including discounts on a variety of products.


Any customer can earn individual rewards for referring customers, but if he or she pays a $37 yearly membership fee, he or she can become a promoter.

This membership fee allows the promoter access to the Pruvit Promoter Cloud. This cloud gives the user the ability to track progress in the Performance Rewards Program. It also provides a variety of useful business tools.

Qualification to Earn

If a promoter meets or exceeds 50 personal qualifying volumes within a qualifying cycle and maintains engaged status, he or she is eligible to receive bonuses.

If a promoter has qualified for one of the previous two monthly qualification cycles, he or she is considered engaged. If he or she did not qualify, then he or she is seen as not engaged.

Pay Periods

Bonuses are calculated on a variety of periods (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) depending on the type of bonus.

The pay week runs from Monday at 12:00 am to Sunday at 11:59 pm. These times are based on the Pruvit Rewards Time Zone which can be found in the Pruvit Cloud.

The pay month refers to a calendar month. The commissions that are monthly are calculated and paid on the 15th of the following month.


In the Pruvit system, there are two position trees. The first tress is called the Sponsorship Tree. This tree includes the people within the downline hierarchy that are promoter on the first level. It excludes those sponsored by an upline promoter.

The second tree is the Placement Tree which includes all of the downline hierarchy. This tree is based on how the promoters are positioned in the pyramid. This tree includes those sponsored by an upline promoter also.


Pruvit has six different types of volumes associated with the plan. All commissionable products have points assigned to them which is the bonus value or BV.

The Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV) is the BV created by the individual sales to the customer and the personal purchases of the promoter.

The PQV determines income qualifications and is calculated over a 61 day period which provides a 30 day grace period for the promoter.

The amount of BV in a promoter’s placement leg is called Leg Volume (LV). The top of that leg includes the promoter’s first level of the Placement Tree.

All BV earned by orders placed during the first thirty days of new promoters and customers is called New Volume (NV). New Volume is used for qualifying for certain bonuses.

The Group Volume (GV) is the entire BV over a particular time within the Placement Tree. The total BV of the first three levels of the promoter’s Sponsorship Tree within a given period is called Team Volume (TV).

This volume also includes the promoters own personally enrolled customers. This volume does not contain the promoter’s purchases.

The last type of volume is called the Personal Team Volume (PTV). This volume is the BV of the promoter’s first level of the Sponsorship Tree and the promoter’s purchases.


Pruvit has three rank terms for a promoter. The first term is ‘Achieved Rank’ which is the highest rank a promoter can earn. It is a permanent rank as long as the promoter stays engaged.

Paid rank is the rank of the promoter for a particular week or month. This rank is set on the 15th of each month.

The last term is referred to as a promoter’s current rank which is the rank that a promoter qualifies for during the pay period. This rank can change when the period and the pending period ends.

It is important for promoters to understand these terms to begin to earn bonuses and rewards.

Pruvit Rewards

Pruvit allows a promoter to earn five different types of rewards which are Kick-Off, Gameplay, Residual, Leadership, and Partner Rewards. Go Pro Bonus and Go MVP Bonus are the two types of Kick-Off Rewards.

Both of these rewards can pay a cash bonus or Pruvit Bucks. They are based on the PTV and TV. The Go Pro happens in the first 14 days while the Go MVP bonus is earned in the first 30 days.

The five types of Gameplay Rewards are MVP Mentor, Go All-Star, Retailer, Endorsement, and Go Fast Bonus.

The MVP Mentor Bonus pays a cash stipend to the promoters who achieve the Go MVP bonus above for an extended period. The Go All-Star Bonus is given to five MVPs. This bonus is also cash and unlocks various levels on the MVP Mentor Bonus chart.

Customers who enroll other clients receive the Retailer Bonus. This bonus gives a percentage of the produced BV of these customers to the promoter.

When a promoter refers two Smartship customers each month, he or she receives products for free. This bonus is called the Endorsement Bonus.

Any promoters with commissionable orders that are placed in the first 30 days after enrollment receive the Go Fast Bonus.

Residual Rewards include Residual Commission, Champion Bonus, and Residual Match. Residual Commission is paid based upon the first to the eleventh level of the Placement Tree.

The Champion Bonus gives a percentage of BV from the Sponsorship Tree. Residual Match is based on the promoter’s first three levels of the Sponsorship Tree.

Dream Team Bonus, Champion Car Bonus, and Consistency Bonus are listed under the Leadership Rewards.

When a promoter is at Rank 8, the Dream Team Bonus is paid annually. The Champion Car Bonus gives a promoter up to $800 monthly towards a lease of a luxury car. The promoter has to achieve Rank 6 for two consecutive months.

The Consistency Bonus is given to those promoters who stay Commission Qualified for 12 consecutive months.

The final type of rewards is Partner Rewards which include MVP Pool, Rising Champion Pool, Ownership Pools L7-L10, and Most Valuable Teams Pool. Each of these rewards is a pool that is divided among members of the same Placement or Sponsorship Tree.

Final Verdict

Unlike other diet supplements, Pruvit has some clinically based science and has a variety of benefits.
It is important to remember that the evidence that is cited on the website does not prove everyone will experience the listed benefits. Overall, it may be worth giving the products a chance to confirm the company’s claims.

The compensation plan is also worth an investment due to the number of rewards vs. the amount that is required to get started in the company. I believe that even with the negatives with this company, a person will be pleased associating with Pruvit.